mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

she is baaaaack,thanks to my brother tiziano, the bike doc, whoa has put new pipe new magneto and fixed the broken fork.... my baby is home and tomorrow morning i will take her out at six a.m. to go to work
i will keep u updated

giovedì 23 settembre 2010

hey there u guys the red shovel
is on injury reserve..... left side for cracked
do not worry Otto VonBrokenheymen,we will get it fix it in no time
we miss u dude

venerdì 17 settembre 2010

new pipes on the red shovel........
problem is that the bike is not running well so we are waiting for the master tiz to come back from vacation an we will open up the engine....
i hate when one of my babies are not feelin well

my new baby

giovedì 9 settembre 2010

the flamr bike at the very beginning

sweet ass knuckle

martedì 7 settembre 2010

my new project will be running on this bad mofo

the flame bike always under inspection

venerdì 3 settembre 2010

my 18 new front wheel

getting ready for a new project